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Hi, I am Tobias

Tobias Mühlberger, MSc

Software Engineer

I am a passionate software engineer with experience in many different areas and across a wide variety of differnet technologies. I am a big believer in Linux and open source software. I do freelance software development work.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci



Software Engineer

Mar 2022 - Present

As Freelancer I work on exciting Projects in various different areas. I excel at crafting tailor-made solutions that precisely address the challenges at hand. My utmost focus lies in developing software of high quality, ensuring reliability and maintainability throughout its lifecycle to deliver a seamless and satisfying experience.

Contact me ([email protected]) if you are interested in working together.

  • GoLang
  • TypeScript
  • Angular
  • C# .NET Core
  • Node.js
  • Ionic
  • PostgreSQL

Software Engineer
Vendevio GmbH

Nov 2018 - Mar 2022 , Linz

Vendevio designes and develops digital products for startups and established businesses.

At Vendevio I took part in a variety of different projects, including Web- and Mobile-Applications as well as IoT. My work included backend and frontend software development along with DevOps using Docker and Kubernets.

  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • .NET Core
  • Angular
  • Ionic
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure IoT

Software Engineer (Internship)
eurofunk KAPPACHER GmbH

March 2018 - May 2018 , Hagenberg

Eurofunk specialices in planning, installing and operating control centers and emergency call centers in the field of public safety.

During my time at Eurofunk I worked on the Angular frontend of eOCS, a software solution for controll-centers.

  • Angular
  • TypeScript

Software Engineer (Internship)
Dynatrace Austria GmbH

July 2017 - August 2017 , Linz

Dynatrace is a cloud-based all-in-one solution for application performance management (APM).

During my internship I created an internal tool that helps to analyze and visualize coverage data of automated tests.

  • Angular
  • C# - ASP.NET Core
  • Elasticsearch


Masters's Degree in Software Engineering
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Campus Hagenberg

In this program I got a deeper insight into software architecture, different fields of machine learning as well as evolutionary computation, cloud technologies, high-performance computing and compiler construction.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Architecture
  • Algorithms and Computational Intelligence

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Exchange semester
Siberian State University of Aerospace Engineering
I spent a semester studying Systems Analysis at the Siberian State University for Aerospace Engineering in the city of Krasnoyarsk located in the heart of Siberia.
Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Campus Hagenberg

This program provided me with a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of sophisticated software development, including relevant tools, methodologies, and teamwork.

  • Clean Code and Software Architecture
  • SQL and No-SQL Databases
  • Project Management

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School for Higher Technical Education in Business Informatics
HTL Neufelden

The education in this school is focused on three main areas:

  • Programming and topics related to software development
  • Automation technologies including the basics of mechanical engineering as well as robotics
  • Corporate governance and Business Law

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The serve-U app and data platform are developed as part of a research project and is primarily aimed at helping energy communities or other groups to consume their electricity as efficiently, locally and cost-effectively as possible.


An easy-to-use tool that enables employees to document work being done on a job site using photos taken on a smartphone. As a Progressive Web Application, it combines the typical advantages of web applications and traditional smartphone apps.


Rasperry-Pi-based monitoring system for PV production and other measurements. With the ability to switch on loads when solar energy is in excess, it actively helps to lower energy costs. Various metrics are visualized in a Grafana dashboard.


This project offers a simple and more secure way of sharing passwors via email or IM. Passwords are shared using end-to-end ecrypted single-use links.

Personal Website

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DearMEP is a tool to empower citizens to reach out to their elected representatives in the European Parliament. The Frontend is built in Angular and embedded in third-party websites as a WebComponent.